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If our customers have the need for it, We have capability for it.

Quality at Print-n-Pack is process oriented. It is a result of:

Compliance to ISO 9001: 2000 quality systems
A company philosophy of quality consciousness
Rich experience
Skilled workmanship
Frequent training
Continual technology upgrades

Quality reflects in every aspect of Print-n-Pack’s functioning right from the setting of management policies up to the final dispatch and packing standards. We thus have in place strong processes that have been identified to cover all the essential functions including:

Quality check of incoming material (raw material)
Quality check of in-process material
Quality check of finished goods
Control of non-confirming products
Calibration of Test equipment
Supplier approval & evaluation
Dispatch and transportation that ensures less breakage

Furthermore, indicators for monitoring and measurement for each of the above processes have been pre-decided. These indicators are recorded and analyzed for effectiveness on regular intervals.

Avail products made from their choice of raw material
Avail products printed with special printing colors
Create unduplicated design to thwart fakes and copycat brands
Rest assured on low damage during transit
Some key quality features at Print-n-Pack are as below :
Processes take place under exacting hygienic conditions at par with international food industry norms.
The Aluminum Foil Cones have tremendous built-in moisture barrier properties necessary for the ice cream industry
Consistent colour, texture and dimension of sugar biscuits
Food grade printing inks and bonding adhesive, at par with the ice cream industry standards, used
Testing and Production procedures are based on national and international standards
Proper production planning to ascertain delivery on time. Based on our years of experience, we are fully aware of the seasonal demands and thus take special care of raw material and production planning to ascertain high-demand supply on time