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Aluminum Foil Cone Sleeves

Available in three sizes (120 ML, 80 ML, 50ML)
Customized angles of sleeves according to the size of the cones
High moisture barrier properties
Multi-colour printed with exclusive designs

Rolled Sugar Biscuit Cones

Available in two sizes (110MM, 90 MM)
Special recipe of cone-making which ensures high strength
Less moisture
120 ML Cone Sleeves / 110 MM Sugar Biscuit Cones
Height : 164.1 mm
Dia : 64.2 mm
Angle : 22 °
Height : 110 mm
Dia : 47 mm
Angle : 23 °
80 ML Cone Sleeves / 90 MM Sugar Biscuit Cones
Height : 147 mm
Dia : 57.82 mm
Angle : 22 °
Height : 90 mm
Dia : 39 mm
Angle : 23 °
50 ML Cone Sleeves / 90 MM Sugar Biscuit Cones
Height : 130.5 mm
Dia : 51.7 mm
Angle : 22 °
Height : 90 mm
Dia : 39 mm
Angle : 23 °
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