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  Achievements - Our Success Stories
  Year 1952  
The founding stone of print-n-pack was laid in 1952 when founder Shri Vadilal Gandhi started the aluminum foil embossing business in the name of India Aluminum Embossing. Back in the 1950s in the pre-liberalization times Shri Gandhi had the vision to import foil from Germany and Japan for applications in fireworks and textile industry.
  Year 1986  
Based on the proficiency of the past 30 years, we incorporated Print-n-Pack to cater to the ice cream industry packaging market with a range of products including cone sleeves, polycoated lids, cups, cartons and BOPP Candy covers.
  Year 2003  
By 2003, Print-n-Pack had started producing 2.5 lac sleeves per day, albeit manually but not for long.
  Year 2004  
In the very next year, Print-n-Pack consolidated its position further by becoming one of the pioneers in procuring its first sleeving machine from Germany. This machine was among the first three machines in India.
  Year 2005  
Observing an increasing customer of demand of sugar cones along with aluminum sleeves, the Print-n-Pack management stepped into a new phase of supplying Sugar Rolled Cones along with the sleeves.
  Year 2006  
The decision was put into practice immediately by the procurement of the first biscuit cone machine.
  Year 2008  
This year saw two major purchases: The first Sugar cone machine and the company’s second sleeving machine further enhancing the installed capacity.
  Year 2009  
Further enhancement of sugar biscuit cone production capacity by purchasing two machines.
  Year 2010  
The year 2010 saw the installation of the third sleeving machine and fifth sugar cone machine followed by the installation of the fourth sleeving machine and sixth sugar cone machine in 2011 taking the sleeve production capacity to 8.0 per day and sugar cone production capacity to 3.5 lac cones per day.